Friday, July 22, 2005


bloggity blog blog.

i only got this blog because i am now obsessed with all things that google will give me. google earth rules. i'm just waiting for the new google blowjob. GBJ will be the best thing on the internet ever.

my old blog is over at


oh, i'm going into the t-shirt business. i've had one customer so far. the money is just rollin' in.

i'm still looking for that big bag of money (an idea that i stole from alex d. thomson). i'm keeping an eye out though, for that big sac with the green dollar sign on it.

anyway... i've been listening to a whole lot of public radio, mostly because i broke most of my cds and i don't have computer speakers (send me some). i like npr... it makes me calm... it's a little like weed, except it doesn't make me crave flavor blasted goldfish and wawa peach iced tea.

i slept like a baby last night (for about 4 hours), and i had a dream. i can only remember snippets (as is usual with dreams). but, i distinctly remember that i dreamed that the london police found that one of the main ingredients in the tube and bus bombs was artificial coffee creamer. i hear that shit burns like a motherfucker. juan valdez pwns my dreams.

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