Saturday, July 23, 2005


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i just finished viewing the unaired global frequency pilot, based on the comic of the same name by warren ellis (which i pirated using a torrent client). it was very good. how good? it's comparable to the first couple of seasons of alias. if you want the hollywood pitch for it: it's mission:impossible meets alias meets flashmob. it's so good, in part, because of how close the creators stuck to the source material. the comic was already written like a one hour tv script (45 min. with commercials). the first issue ends with a two page denuoment (how do i add accent marks?) with the title and credits. i would love to see it made into a regular series (help out fuckers). each story in the series is self-contained, so it lends itself nicely to an episodic format (not to mention the potential for a bevy of guest stars).

what i found most interesting after reading the entire series is that the overarching theme is that, in general, our ability to responsibly handle new technology does not keep apace of the creation of such new technologies. it's also about how our insular governments, corporations, and intelligence groups (cia, nsa, etc.) are a potential threat because their secretive nature and acces to resources allows them to create potential doomsday devices with out anyone (even members of their own government or agency) knowing about it. the only way to combat these threats is a 21st century crisis team like the GB, that eschews the old organizational model in favor of one that's more like the open source software of counter-intelligence and rescue (though running through central data network of aleph and the leadership of miranda zero). the GB is a portrayal of what something like flashmob could be if it wasn't all twits staging random pillow fights.

this brings me to my next point... i was having lunch with my uncle dave, who's in from out of town with his gf, my cousin rana, and my girlfriend at a thai place in glendale. that's not the important part though. i was sitting at the table, facing the door, eating my pad thai noodles and staring emptily at a man standing by the cash register. then something snapped me out of my inattention; he was wearing on of those wireless bluetooth earpieces. i had a moment of what i could only describe as techno-shock or future shock.

i have seen those earpieces before but, for some reason, i was struck by how commonplace such an amazing technology had become. thoughts about modern cyborgs, the vast amounts of information available at my fingertips when i turn on my computer and the absolute irrelevancy of all of it washed over me. i've often complained to my peers (drunken layabouts), that when i was in elementary school, my scholastic reader told me that by the year 2000 we would all have flying cars. that was nearly 20 years ago and people are still driving gas-guzzling shitboxes. where is my goddamn flying fucking car!!! (<- extra exclamation points means i'm pissed)

why is it, that when these new technologies are developed, instead of using them to create a better human race, we turn them into very expensive toys? this chubby, slightly vacant looking guy i saw in the thai restaurant has more computing and information exchange power resting in his fuzzy little ear than the entire world had 40 years ago, and i don't think that will ever cross his mind. he probably uses just to say "what's up?" to his friends or text his internet buddies to plan their next LAN party.

anyway, this was shaping up to be a much longer rant, but i have to head home from work, and i don't feel like saving this for later.

so, my point is:

we have amazing technologies which could create, if not a utopian... then maybe a better world. so think about that the next time you turn on your pc, or flip open your cell phone or take a digital picture or plug your usb vagina into your imac. think about what your toys could be doing if they weren't just toys.

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