Tuesday, August 23, 2005

bored, lonely, full of maggots...

well... not that last one... but i certainly am bored, with no friends to really hang out with.

why so depressed/morose?

my girlfriend started school this week. school is about 500 miles north of here. it's a tough adjustment. we have spent nearly every day together for the last 3 months. we've been inseparable. it's been a very hot and heavy relationship; we're very wrapped up in each other. now that we're apart, each of us is pretty depressed. we agreed (i think) that we could date other people; neither of us is quite ready to date yet (what's with all the semicolons?).

i want to go visit her, but i'm not sure if it's a good idea. it would probably make us both feel better in the short-term, and the sex would be incredible; however, i think it would just drag out this separation depression we're experiencing. GAH! i don't know what to do.

anyway, on to other topics, because if i keep talking about this i will jump out a window; which would be embarrasing because my work has only one floor.

the rave shut down by a swat team in utah with assault rifle and police dogs was pretty ridiculous (previous post).

i read a really cool short comic by warren ellis here (link's on the lefthand side)

john, emmett and i went to the burbank toys'r'us and bought a bunch of board games. there were some tough choices as we were all pitching in for the game(s) and i am poor as all fuck. we narrowed it down to risk, monopoly and connect four. i would like to point out that choosing between those three games is really like choosing between about 20 games. there are untold different versions of monopoly and risk. there's star wars risk, risk 2012, and even risk godstorm (what the fuck?!). monopoly is even more of a licensing whore; it seems that there's a monopoly game for every animated feature or over-licensed movie to come out in the last 50 years. for example: there were shrek, disney, lord of the rings, star wars, deluxe, and 70th anniversary edition monopolys on the shelves at our toys'r'us.

fortunately, our decision was made much easier when emmet rememebered that he had the lord of the rings version of monopoly we decided that connect four was a must have (go for it... connect four!) and i talked john and emmett into getting the collectors tin version of risk, 'cause the tin is big, round and shiny (i'm retarded). then, as we're about to head out (after i bump into lily's friend lennon, who works there) someone (john i think) sees a 3 pack of generic games with something very much like connect four called "inline". it also came with "3d snakes and ladders" and a 'trouble' ripoff whose name i can't recall at the moment. the generic 3 pack cost less than just one connect four, so we purchased that instead. i also bought a pack of green and tan army men for $1.06. they are currently battling to the death on my computer desk at home.

in other news:

greg called last night and told john that he was moving in today. in typical greg fashion he said "i probably should have given you more notice huh?". yes greg, you should have. that's ok though. it just means that he gets to ride the sofa bed until the end of the month when we switch places.

also, i'm doing a piss-poor job of patching the holes in my door. i'll suspend final judgement 'til i've sanded and painted it, but it doesn't look good.

lastly: it seems a sad commentary on my priorities that i can write two thick paragraphs on buying board games, but my personal/relationship woes elicit barely that much.

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