Tuesday, August 30, 2005


it's been a crap week. who thought i could get so wrapped up in a girl... oh wait, i did.

i've been sleeping a lot... depression will do that to ya. or maybe sleeping causes depression? i don't know... i wonder if bears get depressed in the winter. just another one of lifes burning mysteries.

so here is a dream i had... in full technicolor.

i was sleeping during the middle of the day. the lot was filtering through the blinds, making my head hot. i couldn't find a comfortable position. either the blanket was stifling or the sun was in my eyes.

people were in and out of my room. they were making muffled grunting sounds. i sat up in bed and at the door were a little platoon of children. they wore manic grimaces that signalled their intent to eat my brains. all of them were dressed in cute little outfits like the kind that immigrant children wear in sepia colored pictures from ellis island. they were all bows and hats and little shiny black shoes. i couldn't see any weapons, but i knew they didn't need any to hurt me, to rip me apart and feast on my marrow.

without getting up, i reached under the tangled, twisted mess of blankets covering my lower body. i pulled out three blue pearlescent spheres of alien technology. i pressed little buttons on each of them, making them glow with a scintillating blue energy. they pulsed and swirled. jagged arcs of lighting leapt from them making my vision go spotty.

the children at the doorway didn't move. they stood and threatened me with their presence. i tossed all three plasma grenades at them at once. the grenades stuck to some of the kids like spitballs to a chalkboard.... then exploded! little fucker went flying everywhere. some down the hall into the living room, another into john's room and some were just blow to a fine pink paste. it was lovely; it was satisfying.

there was still one child left. on chubby little girl. she remained in place, inexplicably unharmed by my inexplicable grenades. let's explicate shall we? i climbed out of bed, down to the floor and toward the door. the closer i approached to the doorthe taller it, and the girl, became. soon she was an enormous whale of a little cunt. i thought she was going to smoosh me. she reveled in the power that her relative size gave her. she laughed.

then, i became really desperately angry and i was so mad that i grew larger until i was my normal size compared to the little chubster. so i put the bitch in a headlock and punched her in the face til i woke up.

the end.

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