Tuesday, August 09, 2005

out on the street...

well... not yet.

soon maybe.

a week and a half ago, i got a reply from my rental application saying that i couldn't live in my apartment any longer. never mind that i've already been living there and paying rent for 9 months. forget the fact that we have a co-signer with good credit who is willing to sign for me. they want me out of there because my car caused a row with the neighbors a few months back. like they've never seen the word 'cock' on a car before.

so my options are:

1. pretend to move out while someone else moves into my room and i stay on the couch.
pros: lowers my rent considerably, which is good, cause i am poor.
cons: no privacy. which may not be so bad, since the gf is moving away pretty soon. i'll just masturbate when no one is home.

2. get my own place
pros: privacy. and, i can be as slovenly as i like.
cons: 1 br's are more expensive than what i'm paying now and usually shittier.

3. get a 4br place for all of us, including the new roommate.
pros: everyone gets their own bedroom... yay!
cons: everyone would have to move, and from what i've seen, a 4 br is going to cost more per person than our current apartment.

4. live on the street (or in my car)
pros: that freewheeling hobo lifestyle
cons: head lice, no cable.

5. move back to the jerZ
pros: lower cost of living. lots of drinking buddies.
cons: poor quality of life (i.e. the villas). poor future prospects.

i think i'm going to wait around til october to decide exactly what i'm going to do (or not do). i'm strongly tempted to just pack my shit up and go rent a cheap place in the villas or wildwood or someplace, but i don't think i have exhausted my opportunites out here. los angeles sucks big dick for the most part (yeah... i know i'm eloquent... shut it), but it still has a lot to offer (and the girls are of a higher quality than the jerz [though philly girls hold an attraction]).

whatever... i'm going to go read 20 comic books in one sitting.

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