Saturday, January 21, 2006

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Job 2, Electric Boogaloo

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 21, 2006, 12:28 AM
Had my interview at Spectral Motion today. It was very cool. It was a small unobtrusive place on Dana St. in Glendale among some small warehouses and other commercial buildings. I met with Brian Walsh who was a pretty cool, chill dude. He didn't exude that "hollywood" or "crew guy" vibe that really turns me off. Everyone there seemed to be some sort of artist, sculptor, or illustrator.

Brian (possible Bryan) took a look at my portfolio. He didn't seem overly impressed. I'm sure he's seen a lot better. Then again, he didn't puke his guts up all over it and yell "Get this tripe out of here you hack!" He gave me an idea of what I should focus on if i want to design for creature effects.

After my portfolio, I toured their place. It wasn't large, but there was a lot of cool shit going on. All kinds of cool models, maquettes, masks, suits, statues, drawings and other fun toys (eat hot sentence fragment!). There were a lot of Hellboy and Fantastic Four items and some cool things from other projects that I can't tell anyone about because I signed a non-disclosure agreement. I'd hate to have a career opportunity ruined because of the one in a million chance that someone from SM stumbled on this page.

He asked me to call him back in a few weeks. Hopefully I'll have something a little more up their alley then. Oh, and they gave me info on a sculpture class that might be cool. So, the final result is... wait and see. And, work hard I guess.

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