Wednesday, February 15, 2006

forgive my sparseness

I haven't written much here in the past couple of weeks, mostly due to the fact that no one reads it (including myself). I started some deep soul-searching thing and abandoned it about a paragraph in. It's in my drafts, so perhaps I will put it up eventually. I think it was going to be about the brief visit with my father and how he has decided to die on his couch, which according to most reports, he has not left in more than 6 months. That makes me feel something, but it's not an emotion I have a name for, so it's very hard to write down, so I won't.
Instead I will tell you that I have a new job working at a place that designs and sells trade show displays. I know that sounds sort of dull, but it involves some amount of drawing and designing both the structures and some of the graphics, which sounds infinitely more satisfying than filing all day. I start the friday after next, or sooner, depending on if they find another file clerk before then.
I called out yesterday because I was too tired/depressed/sore to get out of bed. What are they going to do... fire me? I already quit. I'm like a lame-duck president.
I also stumbled on another social networking/tagging/bootyhunting site called I don't even remember how I found it now. It was probably on someone's blog. I've had two dates from it already and i'm in the top ten most popular men (moving from eighth to tenth and back). It's fun, check it out.
Also, I buzzed all my hair off (see below). I was also growing a beard, but shaved most of that because the ladies don't approve.
I will probably post the short story I wrote for my illustration class. It's a science fiction story and it's terrible and embarrassingly derivative of the Cory Doctorow stories I've been listening to.

man, look at that pimple... that's horrible.

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