Friday, August 04, 2006

Good Lord, where did the time go?

So, I'm not really sure what happened to the last week. I have not left my comfy, comfy bed in seven days. Okay, I did go to the beach last Saturday. Then I took my recyclin's to the RePlanet in Van Nuys. Marie came over on Tuesday night. Thursday night we played Atmosfear and drank margaritas. The goddamn video tape won the game. We are losers. That's pretty much all I remember doing.
I know that I said that I was going to post about me trying to find a job, but seeing as how I've been sleeping til 4 pm, I haven't really looked for, or applied to any, jobs. I will however tell you what I've been doing with my time as an unemployed person. Let's see:

- I've been messing around on Consumating quite a bit. That last post was put up automatically when I started a converstion on hanging out with consumating kids in philly (aka a "consumeeting")

- Set up my AdSense account on Google, so now when one of you suckas... err, you readers clicks on one of the text ads on the page I make pennies, PENNIES I TELL YOU! I'm already up to $0.34. I'll soon be an internet millionaire. Just you wait.

- Posted more comics for friends who send me money. (Friends rule.)

- Signed up for an interview at the local AppleOne office. It's a temp agency. I totally slept through it, even though I set it for 4 pm on a Thursday. I am a bum. The sent me this letter to make me feel even worse about it:
Dear Christopher Bennett,

You recently scheduled an interview with AppleOne. We care a lot about applicants like yourself. We believe and hope you will agree that we are unique in our industry in that way. But, that commitment to providing career seekers like you with the highest levels of service and respect possible requires constant attention and measurement.

You can help by letting us know how well our branches are meeting our goals. Please take a moment to complete a very brief survey at:

Even if you cancelled or haven't yet completed the interview process, your feedback is still important to us. We understand that you're busy, so we really appreciate your assistance in helping us create a service that can best help you achieve the career results you desire.

Thank you


- Luckily, my former coworker Doug sent me a note that made me feel a bit better:
Hey Chris,
I've been meaning to shoot you an email but your
untimely departure coincided with my Dad having a
seizure so I've been back and forth to La Jolla and TJ
a few times- I didn't sleep last night, just 1.5hrs at
the rest stop on the way back up to work.
I hope you have some work prospects lined up.
You go girl!

Of the three people I worked with, he was the coolest.

- Taking care of my plants. My tomato plant and basil are both doing very well. The tomato may even be producing some belated tomatoes! One day I may even be able to raise small mammals or lizards without them dying and turning into little mummies.

- Worked on my drawing quite a bit. I've moved my drafting table and art supplies from the kitchen into my room/fort:

Sorry about the shitty quality of the pics, I took them with a Game Show Network webcam that Greg won at some thing. It's a bit cramped in here now, but I really like being able to draw and paint without leaving my pseudo-room.

- Spent an inordinate amount of timing trying to hack my iPod Nano. I put iDoom on it. Also, I downloaded a crapload of books in various formats, so I used a program called book2pod to turn them into notes so I can read them in the tub. (You'll probably see a post soon about how I dropped my nano in the water). It has a few bugs, but it mostly works like a charm

- Smelling my armpits. The cheap deodorant I got pretty much sucks balls. I'll have to suck it up and buy me some nice Right Guard gel.

- My roommate gave me a job lead with CBR to be their "webmaster". I'm not really sure what it is, but it pays and I can do it from home, so hopefully i'll never have to leave this bed. (Yes, I'm in bed right now) I sent the editor, Jonah, a note, but I'm still waiting to hear from him. Perhaps he's reading this post right now and learning about what a fuck-up I am.

So that's what I've been up to for the past week. Let me update you on my financial status. So far, my total earnings, including (mostly) money from friends in exchange for comics, money found in my pants, adsense and my last paycheck from the job is:
Not bad. That's basically what I was making per week (before he cut my hours) at my job. It looks like I might be able to survive the month without a job of any kind.

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