Sunday, August 06, 2006


We went to Zuma Beach today. It really is the only beach that we've been to so far that doesn't have rocks, planes flying overhead, a huge drop-off at the surfline or evil razor sharp bivalves on the aforementioned rocks that cut the living shit out of your feet. I'm pretty sure that the mussels on those rocks would eviscerate you if you body surfed into them. Accordingly, the beach there is pretty packed with folks. Is it wrong that I want to football tackel little kids who run by my towel and kick sand into my eyes? It actually wasn't so bad, and the water was cold, but not heart-stoppingly so.
I prefer to travel light when going to the beach. I towel, a book and a sheet or blanket are usually more than enough for me. Today however, I forgot not only sunscreen, but to charge my ipod (where my books currently live). So instead of reading, I fell asleep in the sun and burned to a fucking crisp! I look a bit like this (if you combined the sunburn guy with the fat guy in the background):

Yeah, it's pretty ouchy. AND, I can't find my aloe vera lotion shit either. So I will wander around for the next few days, shirtless and possibly pantsless, complaining about it. Maybe I'll also make transient white hand marks on my flesh too. Those are cool.
Aw man. I just went to the bathroom, and I have become significantly more red since I started writing this post. It's not quite cherry red, but it's getting there. Damn my lack of soothing remedies! Oh well. I guess I'll drink, read and draw (in that order) to ease the ouch.

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