Monday, September 11, 2006

I case you didn't know....

I'm back in the jerZ (aka the land that time forgot) for permanent.

Real quick, here are some things that rule:

- wawa classic meatball hoagies with fucking provolone and parm.
- honey bbq frito twists
- wawa peach iced tea
- yuengling
- the oral b pulsar toothbrush (aka the mouth raper)
- sleeping all day
- swimming naked in the ocean at midnight
- smacking around my little brothers
- making $37.50 an hour painting a "quilt hill"
- making $25 an hour babysitting chairs
- making $20 an hour putting a coat of white paint on a house
- making $0 an hour jacking off at my mom's computer
- working at radio shack with my friends and getting a discount on kewl electronics
- cool ocean breezes in the afternoon

that's it for now.

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