Thursday, September 21, 2006


I've had a lot of time during the day to fuck around on the internets. The previous three days has been about downloading roleplaying books from the internets. That's not really very post-worthy (although I was thinking about writing a long post about why the new versions of the White Wolf games suck ass). Is 10 gigs of dorkiness enough? I'm not sure.

Today has been about music. As we all know from the amount of band friend requests we get on myspace, the internets is the place to find music we haven't heard before (and in the process become a snobby music bastard).

NOTE: Right now my littlest brother is playing his baritone horn. It's really very cute. I must kill him. I am the only cute one allowed in the house.

One new place that I stumbled across (probably on boingboing or MeFi) is SonicLiving, which is a site that takes your artists list (either manually or from iTunes) and tells you about upcoming shows in your "region". Though I have barely begun to explore the site, the first thing I did once I had my free account was send a suggestion that they add Philadelphia as a regioin (I usually don't want to travel to New York for shows). The amazing thing was that I received a personal reply from a real human just a few minutes after I sent my e-mail. If they can maintain that sort of personal touch when the site blows up big, then I'm in.
Link to my SonicLiving page.

SonicLiving can also automagically take artists from two other great music sharing and recommendation sites: Pandora and

Pandora is a great site based on the Music Genome Project that recommends music by extrapolating variables such as genre, bpm, tonality and a bunch of other musical things that I don't understand. And, like Tivo, Pandora learns. If it recommends something stupid, you can give it a thumbs down (or thumbs up, if it rocks your testes).
Link to my Pandora page. is like Pandora in that you can get music recommendations automagically, but there's a whole community of'ers who can also recommend shit to you and vicey versy. Basically, it's a great site to find hot girls who like MSI. requires that you download their program that monitors your music player and uploads it to the site. It's fairly unobtrusive. Also, you can copy and paste some code from their site that lets you put things like your recently played tracks on your blog, just like the one over there on the right. Only problem I can see with it so far is that if you want to subscribe to another users "stations" you have to pay a fee. It's only $3 a month, but for someone who hasn't paid for music since 1998, that's kind of a big deal.
Link to my page.

Update: Oops... I forgot to include the Hype Machine which gathers music from across the fag-0-sphere and posts it as RSS feeds and a handy standalone player for your listening pleasure.

I also forgot to ask any faggots who read this to send me music that I need to hear. Do it.

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