Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Tub Thumper

Hello kiddies.

I was listening to my ipod nano in the tub last night. I know what you're thinking. "Chris, what if you drop it in the tub?". Yes, dear reader, I thought of that. I do it on a pretty regular basis and I'm really very careful about not getting it wet. Maybe it was the fact that I haven't taken a bath here at my mom's house in a few years, but I underestimated the length of the cord on my ear buds and pull the nano right into the tub with me. I got it out real quick and dried it out as best I could, but now the stupid menu and play buttons don't work.

Now, I could send it in for repair, but I'm a little afraid to see what the price is. Also, I don't know where the nearest apple store is (probably at the Hamilton mall). I think this was my subconscious reasoning behind buying the cheapest ipod with a screen. If I do ever start working at Radio Shack, then I'm sure I'll be buying all kinds of stupid expensive electronics.

That's it. I'm going to go build some things out back.

Update: Thanks to an e-mail from John Reha who told me that I can get my shit fixed for (almost) free as long as it has been less than a year. $29.95 and I get whole new nano, which I can find new ways to destroy. Actually, I'm thinking of encasing the nano and my mini in some sort of hard acrylic shell to keep them safe.

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