Friday, December 15, 2006

Notes from the Dry Dry Desert

# Sleeping in a room that has the the oil heater for the house and the dryer is like being on a dune in the Gobi Desert at noon. I feel the air is trying to suck out my lungs through my nose.

# My girlfriend is pretty cool.

# Nana. What can I say about my nana? She is visiting for a few days and the woman never shuts up. I have to respect the fact that she doesn't even care if you're listening or not. She'll just keep on talking even though you show absolutely no interest in her story at all. Plus, she gets her Vagisil powder (which she needs for the dry dry desert which is her old woman vagina) all over the bathroom floor.

# I am actively trying to not care at all about selling things to customers at the Shack. I'd rather make very little money than be in competition over a fucking measly 5% commission.

# To further that end I have begun a regimen of guitar hero for 2 hours every day at work. My simulated fretwork is kickass.

# I highly recommend the program Democracy in combination with for setting up automatic downloads of tv shows. You just copy the feed link from tvrss and paste it as a new channel in Democracy and it automatically starts downloading new torrents as they become available. Plus it plays them. I <3 the internets

Now I must go sell overpriced batteries to old people and their old vaginas.

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