Wednesday, April 11, 2007

RIP Kurt Vonnegut

I knew it wouldn't be long before Mr. Vonnegut Jr. kicked the proverbial bucket, but I guess I just wasn't expecting to come across news of his death as I was flipping through my Boing Boing feed. 

Kurt Vonnegut is my all time favorite author.  My first college girlfriend in college gave me a copy of 'Galapagos' freshmen year and since then I have been hooked.  I read 12 of his 14 novels and all of his published short stories.  'Galapagos' is still my favorite Vonnegut novel.  It's his most novel-like novel and it's main theme, that we're too damn intelligent for our own good, has always stuck with me. Even though  he hasn't published  a new novel in a long while, his  recent essays like 'God Bless You, Dr. Kevorkian' were just as pointed and poignant and his older works.

It's a shame to see him go, but I think that it may have been a relief for him.  And, I can only hope that he's not really gone, but merely unstuck in time.

Kurt Vonnegut dies at 84 | - Houston Chronicle

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