Saturday, June 30, 2007

Friday, June 29, 2007

Pop Tarts

Pop Tarts

The previous post was a joke to Marie

I thought it would be cool to repost my twitter posts to my blog.  She said it was retarded and that I could use ScribeFire to do it just as fast. 

Anyway.  I would just like to tell a little story about the dude that came in here earlier. He was this lanky dude with spiked out hair and tight pants.  He walked a little funny and his face had same a little... grotesque about it.  He was a young guy... maybe 20 years old.  Under his arm he had a clear plastic to go container that you might get from a restaurant or something. 

I asked him if I could help and him find anything and he replied, in a voice that sounded like he might have been retarded, with something about how he probably couldn't eat his Pop Tarts in the store.  He put the plastic container on the counter and it had two packages of Pop Tarts and two open Pop Tarts.  He wandered around for a bit, told me he wasn't going to steal anything and then he left the store and rode off on his bike.

The Pop Tarts are still sitting on the counter. (Picture to follow)

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Is not just as quick

So there!

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Thursday, June 28, 2007

My commute

I decided to record my ride to work on my bike for fun. This is the result. I added some music to keep your attention. The sad part is that I went to film school and this is the best I could do

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

It's a bit like when Homer bought Marge a bowling ball as a present

... I just hope Marie doesn't start hanging out with some Frenchie Nokia internet tablet hacker when she gets this:

Say what you will about woot, $130 for a $300 hackable, linux based, touch-screen, wi-fi, bluetooth tablet ain't bad at all.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Vlogging my commuting?

I'm thinking about strapping my digital camera to the handlebars of my bike to record my ride to work. Might be cool... stay tuned.

Also, I set up daily posting of my feed, so there should be at least one update a day to read if you're bored.

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Monday, June 11, 2007

Domestic Bliss

I had a pretty good weekend with Marie. We were very domestic. I'm really digging the new apartment. Pictures of the place are up on my Picasa account. It really is a cute pad. Every cute pad needs lots of cute pad stuff, so Marie and I have been going to thrift shops and stores picking up all the household goodies that make life worth living. I won't go through the whole list, but there are some highlights. Marie picked up a coffee maker at Big Lots that has an ejector button for the filter and glows blue. She also picked up a rainbow coat hanger thing. It's very gay. I almost bought a stuffed unicorn to go with it. I didn't, but I did buy myself a plush The Cheat. Pictures of The Cheat will follow I'm sure. It's cute and cuddly, plus it makes cute The Cheat sounds when you drop it or kick it. You are jealous.

I've been doing some baking lately. I made some little superhard cookies, which can be seen in the Picasa album above. Also, Marie's friend Kimmy gave her Amish Friendship Bread. It's a really sweet bread that tastes a little bit like carrot cake, without the carrots. I have the extra batter to give away, so if anyone wants some, let me know. As for non-baking type cooking, I'm still learning from Marie. She has a more intuitive feel for that sort of thing, even though I made my living cooking for two summers.

Time for me to get a shower and go to work for the man. It's a morning shift, so I'm sure I will be doing nothing all day. Later.