Tuesday, February 26, 2008

How to get a Palm Centro with unlimited text and data for $30 a month

First, go get a Sprint SERO plan. I've pasted some helpful details are available from this site below:

There are three ways of doing this:
  1. The easiest way is to do it directly through the SERO website. Go to www.sprint.com/sero and use the following e-mail address : savings@sprintemi.com (TY Johhny G) or enternow@sprint.com. Yet another email that works for everyone is openaccess10@sprint.com. If these don't work for you, google an email address of a Sprint employee and see if it works. Google @mail.sprint.com or @sprint.com. Ajskhan (TY) found THIS link to an email addy that may work. A list of other emails HERE.
  2. You can also sign up for a regular plan in any Sprint store, and hope that a retention specialist is willing to convert it to a SERO plan for you. This is definitely the harder way of doing it, and takes persistence on your part to be able to pull it off. To talk to a retention specialist call Sprint (800-974-2221) and ask for retentions. Another #: 866-250-2221. DO NOT DO THIS AFTER BUYING A PHONE FROM BB, Amazon, CUSA, etc or you will get hit with a collections bill for the full price of the phone!
  3. For those of you who already are on Sprint: you can email Sprint eCare at ecare1@cc.sprintpcs.com and tell them you wanted to switch to SERO in store but they couldn't do in store and advised you to contact eCare with this code "#C SEROF&FEVDO$30.00". YMMV on this one (least effective way of trying to switch).

Pick the voice plan that best meets your needs and order yourself a Palm Centro. Now. Having cheap minutes and unlimited text and web seems pretty cool, but we're not done. How would you like to have unlimited broadband access on your laptop using your phone? Yes?

You could add phone-as-modem to your plan for $40 a month, OR you could go here and download the usbmodem.prc program for the centro and get unlimited bluetooth DUN (dial up networking). It's free to try out and then it's a one time $24.95 to buy it. $24.95 once sounds better to me than $40 every month.

You can get your computer on the web anywhere you have good Sprint coverage with either the USB cord the Centro comes with or via bluetooth. Bluetooth is a drain on the battery but sometimes it's nice to not have your phone dangling off your laptop.

The settings for using DUN are pretty simple. It's a data call and the access phone number is #777. Once you connect you should see speeds comparable to cable broadband. If it seems laggy or slow you may have to call Sprint customer service and get them to enable EVDO (Sprint's broadband service) for your account. I had to do this for my account. It only took ten minutes or so and resetting my phone a couple times for them to "provision" my phone for EVDO service.

That's it. The phone should be $100, the usb modem program is $25 and then it's as little as $30 a month for mobile broadband internet in pretty much any city in the United States. Leave a comment if you've got questions.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The ones that are still alive...

I finally beat portal.
It's no small feat, considering that it ran at about 1/3 speed in parallels on my old 1.5ghz mac mini.

That ending song is superawesome! I downloaded it immediately. Then I went and downloaded the frets on fire pack that has it in it.

I sort of want to get myself a windows machine so that I can play portal at full speed. It's endlessly fun just to play around with the crazy physics of the portals.

Also, it looks like someone in a permanently paralyzed state like the guy who wrote The Diving Bell and the Butterfly is going to be a witness on Law&Order. The more ridiculous those shows get, the more I like them.