Sunday, July 13, 2008

Bike Riding

Ross and I totally did the bike tour of the city today. We rode around Golden Gate Park for a while 'cause they close one of the roads on Sundays for bikes and pedestrians. We didn't know that it was the walk for breast cancer today. There were hundreds of middle-aged ladies in pink shirts in the park. Throngs of them clogged up the road. I suggested that they should show us their tits. I don't think that went over well.

After dicking around in the park we headed west through the park to the beach. I went for a little dip. It is hypothermia cold, but it was still nice to go for a swim. We went back east through the park, then down to the Haight and ate at Burgermeister. It was an $11 burger. It was good, but not that good. Then, we went down Market and around the Embarcadero. We visited the wave organs on the bay, and went to the Exploratorium. It would have been much nicer if there weren't so many kids and tourist there.

We stayed at the Exploratorium until closing and then rode up over the hill over the Golden Gate Bridge and back down the other side. It was really steep and we were going as fast as the cars. Ross actually passed an SUV on the way down. I am sunburnt and tired.

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Marie said...

I'm pretty sure burgermeister is not in the haight ;)