Saturday, January 01, 2011

Artfags Unite!

So if you're my pal on Facebook, you might have seen Marie, Alex and I talking about making some sort of art collective or group. Why? Because, we seem to know a lot of people who are talented artists, or just have a drive to create, but are stuck in dead-end jobs and have to do their creating in their bedroom some time between dinner and bed after work.
Well what if we pooled our resources to rent a space dedicated to being a studio for all of us? A shared space where you can be free of all the normal distractions of your everyday life, surrounded by other creative people.
Non-residential spaces (i.e. you can't live there but maybe crash for a night if you're pulling an all-nighter on a project) in the city (of San Francisco) are pretty cheap. At a glance you can pick up a studio apartment sized space sub $1000. Split five or six ways that's pretty cheap. Probably less than some people spend on take-out in a month.
The space can also double as a gallery, so that once a month (or so) we can show our work to the public and maybe sell some of it. If it's a popular enough event we could even charge a cover for art parties.
Sounds pretty cool no? The only thing we need to get it started are some artist friends who are in the SF area and willing to split the costs of the studio/gallery space. The more people the better.
Maybe you're thinking "But, Chris, I'm not a visual artist." So? Do you like to create? Do you want a space to create? Do you want people to see (or feel, or hear, or read, or play) your work? Do we know you? Do you have an extra $100 or so? Awesome. You're in.
Don't live in the bay area? That's okay. Send your stuff in for gallery shows and we'll show it off.
Let's make art now while we're alive and ready to make it. Right now.

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