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Characters in my epic story...

So, who says you can't do anything with all the old crap you have lying around? Character bios of kids who appeared in movies from the 70's - 90's and what their characters have been up to since and how their lives crossover... Probably makes no sense.

Carol-Ann - A ghost - Apparent age: 14

When she died at an early age in 1989, Carol-Ann was unable to pass on to the afterlife. Only able to speak through mediums, her motivations are not entirely clear. She has shown the ability to employe other spirits, poltergeists, to affect the living world. She is frantically searching for help from anyone, living or dead, to help her fight something called "The Beast". 


Franklin - Medium - Age: 55

Franklin solved a young girl's murder in upstate New York with the help of her ghost, and the ghost of her mother, in 1962. He is haunted, both literally and figuratively by those events. He has wandered the country since, finding justice for restless spirits. Recently he has taken a young medium named Cole under his wing. They have recently been in contact with Carol-Ann

Cole - Medium - Age 23

Cole was a troubled child because he could see the dead, until the ghost of a child psychologist helped him deal with and accept his powers. Now he acts as something of a therapist for ghosts who are unable to move on. He and Franklin have differing styles in dealing with ghosts, but the same goal: help them move on.

Daniel - Telepathic - Age 38

Another man who had a traumatic event in his childhood, during a long winter in Colorado, he has since put that, and his telepathic power behind him. He now teaches high school science class, but fate is conspiring to to draw him into an epic battle.

Charlie - Pyrokinetic - Age 36

Her powers stem from a government experiment and are often uncontrollable.  She has spent years running from the government. She has also trained with various sects and religions in meditation techniques to better control her flames.

Eric - Flyer - Age 43

An autistic savant, Eric somehow gained the ability to fly after being obsessed with the subject his entire life. Eric's whereabouts have been unknown since the age of 19. There have been sightings of a flying man over the midwest in recent years.

Jimmy (The Wizard) - Video Game Wizard - Age 31

Jimmy is also an autistic savant. At a young age he showed the ability to master video games of any type within minutes. His savant abilities make him an expert not only in games, but in the areas of strategy and systems design. He has been sought after by the government for his involvement in Project: Cube. 

Balthazar - Keeper of the Sigil - Age 38

Balthazar is keeper of a strange book and amulet that allow him access to a dimension fueled entirely by imagination. He has shown to have access to near limitless abilities, powers and creatures from this dimension but has been content to pass on the story of this place to others, so that it never ends. Though now much older than when he started his adventures, he sees once again that our world and his fantastic one, are under threat from a growing darkness 

Lestrange - Immortal Savage - Apparent Age 46

Though she appears to be in her mid 40's, Lestrange is actually closer to 120 years old. Not much is known about her, save that her seeming immortality comes from something on an edenic island where she was shipwrecked some time in the 1890's. She is a ruthless hunter, and an expert in wild places of all kinds, though she has been known to blend into civilization if it suits her purpose. Her motives are not known.

Damien - Antichrist - Age 41

Damien is the US ambassador to Great Britain. He is also the antichrist. His machinations to obtain ultimate power and usher the time for his father's reign stretch far and wide within the government, though his control is not complete. He has been on the lookout for years for children with otherworldy abilities, in case they are the return of christ. 

Adrian - Devil - Age 43

Adrian is the older half-brother of Damien. He inherited their father's looks though. Shunned by society and fighting against his own dark nature, Adrian has hidden in the shadows, keeping out of the way of his brother's forces and those who oppose his brother. 

Anthony - ? - Apparent Age 12

Anthony has the power of a god, but the mind of a 12 year old boy. He can reshape reality into anything he wishes, but at heart all he wants is someone to love him and care for him genuinely. Unfortunately those who do are often subject to the deadly anger of a 12 year old god. Where his powers originate and what their limit (if any) is unknown. There are many forces that would love to harness his power for their own, but most are too afraid to try.

Chip - Android - Apparent Age 19

Chip was copied from DNA and form of the boy who could fly, Eric, in order to recreate his powers. Unfortunately what they got was an annoying computer who wants to be a real boy. He has since been repogrammed as an infiltration unit designed to kill steathily and without warning. He has enhanced strength, speed, and computational powers. It is not know whether he has ever faced the man he was based on

DARYL - Data Analyzing Robot Youth Lifeform - Apparent Age 38

Daryl is a robot brain in the cloned body of Balthazar. He was created by the government in order to access the the near-limitless power of Balthazar's fantastic dimension. This however, did not work out, as something in the human mind is what allows access to that dimension. Daryl was to be reprogrammed as a kind of supersoldier, but escaped from the government government facility where he was created. He has superfast reflexes and the ability to hack any system. He used the latter to escape the government in a stealth fighter. It was destroyed and he was presumed dead. But, all death is brain death and Daryl was simply rebooted by those helping him. His current whereabouts are unknown.

Fred (real name unknown) - ? - Age 36

Fred, seems to have been involved with many of the other characters as a child, though his name and even biography seemed to have changed each time. Some speculate that he has the ability to traverse dimensions or even time to rewrite his own personal history. Here is what is known: He was Eric's next-door neighbor in 1986 and his name was Louis. Yet somehow he was also Jimmy's older brother, Corey in 1989. He has shown various abilities including: traveling from shadow to shadow, access to a time/spaceship made of polymorphic metal, the ability to switch minds with another person and possibly acces to a separate fantasy dimension like Balthazar (though one with much less raw power). His motivations and allegiance are unknown and one never knows when he'll show up next. 

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