Sunday, April 03, 2011

WonderCon Notes

These are  few notes I jotted down while wandering around the con:

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Hefty guys dressed in an all black jedi/sith outfit made a poor choice

Interactions between fans and creators can be extremely awkward. Maybe that gets better after the first day

Commissions are expensive.

Square is changing the way creators, especially independent creators take payments

Geeks can pack a mean lunch

Geeks seem to have a lot of physical ailments, or maybe people with physical ailments become geeks.

In the first episode of the original Thundercats they're naked. For reals.

Comic book art is VERY detailed.

My roommate Josh's rap name: MC Peepants

Comics companies are fighting for a share of an ever shrinking market instead of trying to expand that market.

Fans can be very entitled and nitpicky about their favorite titles and characters. They take stuff personally.

Sitting in a panel for a while is a relief from the pinball game of walking the con floor.

Seeing other peoples' work is inspiring. Either because it's really good our because it's so bad you know you can do better.

It's really easy to spend a lot of money on very little.

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